Brunotti Uni High Performance Footstraps and Pads

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Brunotti Uni High Performance Footstraps | Adjustable | Comfortable | Performance | Freeride | Freestyle

Brunotti Kiteboarding's Uni High Performance Footpad and Straps are provide a direct interface between your feet and the kiteboard for maximum performance.  Adjustable straps allow for increasing or decreasing pressure on your feet depending on the way your feet are formed and your riding style.  Tighten up the straps when you want to lock in for high speed tricks and landings and loosen them up when you want to throw massive boardoffs or have easy in and out access from your board.

 Brunotti Uni High Performance Footstraps

Overall the pad and strap system is lightweight and comfortable.  When kiteboarding for hours on end at your favourite spot or doing long downwinders comfort is necessary.  The pads are built with an EVA comfort patch to increase your comfort while riding.

These high end pads and straps are designed for kiters looking for the best board interface for their feet.