Brunotti Gravity 02 Harness

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Built for comfort the 2019 Brunotti Gravity 02 sacrifices some of the weight saving of the Gravity 01 by incorporating a full wrap round EVA liner to give you the ultimate fit and comfort unrivalled by any other harness on the market. This incredible fit is guaranteed to keep you out on the water for hours and means the harness will not move around whilst you are riding. This incredible comfort by no means sacrifices the performance of the harness. The 3D moulded flex shell locks in the harness and gives amazing feel from the kite.  This is a great harness for beginner to advanced riders looking for a comfortable harness.

Gravity 02- Pro Comfort

Get a secure and comfortable fit from the incredible water repellent neoprene padding that in our opinion gives a fit like no other harness but won't take on loads of water making the harness extremely heavy no matter how long you are out riding for. Matched with the 2.0 webbing straps and quick release buckle the harness is easy and quick to get that perfect fit.


Multi-Use Spreader Bar-  Designed for the true multi watersport enthusiast. Perfect for both kitesurfing and windsurfing 

Fix Tip Spreader Bar Cover-  With the fixtips, you can merge the spreader cover into one piece with your belt. comfy and easy to attach

3D Molded Flexshell-  The 3D design of these harness help to distribute the force you get from the kite evenly around ensuring the harness doesn't squeeze or create pressure in any areas.

2.0 Easy Fix Webbing Straps-  Brand new for 2019 webbing texture and buckle strap to make it easier to secure your harness around your body.

Density Foam-  Lightweight foam designed to not take on water to keep your harness as light as possible no matter how long you are kiting for. Produced with no slip prints to stop the harness moving around your body.

Quick Release Spreader System- A easy to use system guaranteed to work no matter the condition. (Always placed on the right-hand side of the harness).

Detachable HP Loop- Included with this harness 

Pre Curved Lumbar Fit-  The harness comes already shaped to give you an incredible fit from your 1st time out on the water with it