Brunotti Glow Women's 3/2 mm Longarm Shorty Wetsuit

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The Brunotti Glow Women's longarm shorty wetsuit is a perfect wetsuit for the women kiteboarding in warmer conditions.  Made from 100% Motion X neoprene, a 3D flex pattern and glued and blind stitched seams the Glow wetsuit offers maximum flexibility minimizing exertion in movements, maximizing the range of motion, and making it easy to get on and off.   A plush lining situated on the chest of the wetsuit makes the wetsuit extra comfortable while providing critical warmth where you need it the most. 


Motion X Neoprene- A flexible and soft touch neoprene for the highest levels of comfort, movability, and heat insulation

Back Zip

3D Flex Pattern- designed to maximize your range of movement and make the wetsuit extremely comfortable to wear 

Magnet Closure 

Glued and Blind Stitched- Edges of panels are glued together and then stitched only partway through the neoprene to give an extra strong seam that less water can get through.

Fused Cuffs- The cuffs have been heat debossed in order to reduce flex in the wrist and ankle cuff to prevent water from getting in and giving a secure fit feel.

Overhead Back Up-  Flap of neoprene to stop too much water getting into your zip through the zip of the neck