Brunotti Early Bird Kiteboard

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Brunotti Early Bird Kiteboard | Lightwind Performance | Freeride

2021 (Summer 2022) Brunotti Kiteboards Available for Pre-Order (not pictured)! Contact us directly to pre-order!

If you need something for the days with less wind, but do not immediately look for a massive door that is so heavy you won't only go in a straight line, the Early Bird might be something for you. A light wind board which still feels energetic because of it's lightweight construction. You'll certainly be one of the first on the water. Its DSR-tech (diamond shaped rail) provide excellent grip and control at high speed. The Early Bird has a neat boxy shape, so it covers a large water surface to feel stable on.

Brunotti Early Bird Kiteboard | Lightwind


KiteBoard Construction Features:


    Riding Style:

    Brunotti Early Bird Light Wind Kiteboard Riding Style