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The Process provides a balance between performance and comfort. Focused on freeriding, the board is designed to get the most out of each session. A sophisticated 3D core made out of light Paulownia wood is combined with carbon reinforcements to generate a well-balanced flex pattern. The board readily rides upwind, is easy on the knees and has an amazing pop. The Process is pure fun.

Performance Features:

  • Performance freeride twin tip
  • Lightweight paulownia wood core for balanced flex and control
  • 50 mm Carbon reinforcement for smooth landings and better carving
  • Harmonized rocker line for early planing
  • Progressive channel design for superb grip and control
  • Reinforced inserts used in snowboard construction
  • Ultra-durable top sheet with UV resistance
  • 45mm G10 fins

Eleveight Kiteboarding Process V2 Freeride Kiteboard

Designer Quote / Franz Schitzhofer

"The Process - concentrate on what really counts in kiting - FUN!"


Design Vision

Cutting through chop, cushioning heavy landings and easy upwind performance are only a few of the attributes that make the Process board stand out. It also comes with early planing and a great pop. Board designer Franz Schitzhofer provided this freeride board with elaborate features that all work together to deliver one feeling: fun!

To achieve this, Schitzhofer came up with a revolutionary 3D concept. He developed a Paulownia wood core that is fused with 50 mm of carbon reinforcements. This creates a well-balanced flex pattern. In choppy waters and when landing in the flat, the flex absorbs the impact and protects the knees. Smooth 3D channels at the tips of the board combined with the box rails offer plenty of grip and control without generating drag. A harmonized rocker line for early planing makes it easy to ride in a light breeze or going upwind.

We equipped the board with the strongest inserts on the market that are commonly used in snowboard construction. The top sheet is ultra durable and UV resistance, ensuring that the board will last for years.

The board is shipped with high quality pads and straps for ultimate control and comfort. Furthermore, the Process comes with 45 mm G10 fins that are tough and provide enhanced control. In short, the Process allows the rider to concentrate on what really counts in kiting – FUN!


Eleveight Kiteboarding Process Kiteboard Details