A Visit to Regina Saskatchewan - Foiling Freezing Fox Point - Paramotoring!!

A Visit to Regina Saskatchewan - Foiling Freezing Fox Point - Paramotoring!!

Wow what a weekend!

I went out to Regina Saskatchewan for some paramotor instructor training with Aaron at Explore Sports in Regina Saskatchewan.  On Saturday we kited at Foxes point on Last Mountain Lake.  The goal of the weekend was paramotoring, yet we still brought some kite gear for a windier Saturday morning.  Following some airline luggage issues I was not able to bring my Moses Foilboard.  I showed up to the spot with my 9m Eleveight FS for some foiling, what I didn't have was cold weather gear.  I borrowed some gear from my good friends Daniel and Mark to head out for a little foil session.  Four tacks is all I could muster! The water was freezing cold!

After warming up and great hospitality from the Coons' we headed out for the paramotor training.  We flew on Saturday evening after the daily thermals calmed down.  What an amazing feeling! Daniel and I had a blast flying into the living skies of saskatchewan.  The flight was non-stop excitement from take off to landing.  We were buzzing for hours.  We followed the flights with a friendly get together with friends for Mark's birthday and went to bed excited for an early dawn wakeup for some more paramotoring flights.

We awoke to a warmer sunday morning for some more powered paragliding instructor training just outside of Regina.  Daniel and I both had two more flights that day and once again were ecstatic about our experience.

We are happy to announce that we will be teaming up with Explore Sports to provide ground training for powered paragliding in Calgary, Alberta.  Once the ground training is complete students will be able to complete their flight training in Regina with Explore Sports. Following is a quick summary of what ground training will include:

  • Familiarization of the PPG gear with students,
  • Learning to fluff the wing/build a wall,
  • Learn to forward launch the wing,
  • Learn to reverse launch the wing,
  • Learn how the motor and propeller work,
  • Practice starting, operating and stopping the motor, and
  • Practice reverse launching and forward launching with the motor on the back (motor will not be active)

All the ground training will not include any flight whatsoever.  This is a basic training to help students prepare for flight training with Explore Sports in Regina, Saskatchewan.


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